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Rachel Sosebee, a former office administrator with the NALC in Ohio, has moved to the Raleigh, NC area (actually Youngsville, North of Raleigh) and she numerous gifts and skills she would like to share with congregations and pastors in our mission district. In an email she sent me she wrote that she had been praying and searching ways to be of service to the kingdom in her new circumstance. One way she has discerned is sharing her experiences with folks. Rachel is a training equipping ministry leader and has led numerous workshops and classes and consulted in the areas of:

• building an equipping church/culture
• building an equipping ministry
• team development
• New member/Guest welcome
• Ministry connections/gifts deployment
• Gifts discovery

As you should be aware the NALC is working on training members of congregations to be disciples and to mentor others to be disciples. (We have such a workshop coming September 11-13 at Holy Trinity, Gastonia, NC.) So, as congregations work on discipleship, eventually they will want to take all their knowledge and put it into action. Rachel is offering to work with a congregation to customize a leadership workshop, conference, or even Sunday School class series (depending on the location) to help them put their gifts into ministry. She says, “This is my ministry and gift right now, all I ask is help to coverage mileage.”

What a wonderful gift to our mission district. If you are interested in Rachel’s offer, then contact her via email at dmi.rachel[at] or by phone at 614-595-1139.

In the meantime be in pray for Rachel and her family and others in the Raleigh area as they have no NALC congregation close by. There are several pastors in our mission district interested in getting one started there.* Pray for God to guide us to get a house church started soon.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Carl M. Haynes
Dean of the Carolinas Mission District

*PS: See comments at bottom of this page for update on Raleigh/Durham house church.

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