January 22, 2014


John 3:22-36

We all do things we’re ashamed of. Sometimes they’re little misdeeds and sometimes they’re more intense; either way, we like to keep our sins hidden. That’s part of what can make Christianity so daunting. It brings our sins to the front and as John 3:20 states, that we must acknowledge that God is already aware of our slip-ups. This can be intimidating…scary even, but if we expand our reading to earlier in the chapter (John 3:16-21) it’s clear that not only does God love us, but that we have every reason to love Him. Here is our God who knows all about the dark nooks and crannies of our soul, and He still sacrificed His only Son for the broken individuals that we are. We know that the Father loves the Son, but He loves us too!

That’s the really neat thing about our baptism: we are given an awesome gift from our Heavenly Father—a new family in Christ. We are no longer broken, because we are transformed into something so much better than we were. In Him, we find hope, love, and joy forever!

Today’s devotion was written by
the St. Jacob’s Lutheran Church Youth Group, Chapin SC.

Original photo by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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  1. Glenda Lindler says:

    Great Job, Youth of St Jacob’s on an inspirational message .

    Keep up the good work. Glenda Lindlerr

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