January 20, 2014


John 17:1-11

Mary Jo was home-bound, a widow, and in her late 80s as she shared her story with the new pastor. “I miss my church,” she said. “Pastor, I was so involved but look at me now. I can’t take care of myself and rarely leave the house. What could I possibly do for the church?” Reassuring her, the pastor asked if she would partner with him in praying daily for the members of the congregation.

God empowers us with the ministry of prayer. Mary Jo and faithful servants like her provide a needed and holy gift: prayer. Prayer for teachers, leaders, families and everyone is vital to every church community. In John 17, Jesus models intercessory prayer by interceding on behalf of his disciples, asking God for their protection in the midst of a hostile world. Hear that again: Jesus prays for his ministry partners.

I thank God for Mary Jo and those who embrace the ministry of prayer for those called and sent forth to serve Christ for the sake of the Gospel. Thank you, Mary Jo, for being a partner in ministry.

Prayer: Holy Father, protect your disciples by the power of your name so that they may be one, even as you are one with Jesus. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Ken Reed,
Pastor of Concordia Lutheran Church, China Grove, NC.

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  1. pam says:

    I needed to read that message…many thanks to Pastor Ken for something so relevant

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