January 9, 2014


Genesis 11:1-9

When I moved to Sicily, I feared being unable to communicate in an emergency. That fear was tested within the first two weeks. Driving down a street, I noticed a car nosing into traffic. I did not know that in Italy, if you make eye contact with another driver, there is an understanding that you are yielding to that driver. As I eyed the driver, he pulled in front of me. I braked to avoid him, and the car behind rammed me. As I was pulled from the car, locals gestured to ask if I was okay.

The universal language of humans is, for most of us, a desire to care for each other beyond limitations of culture. That language was not lost at Babel when God confused the speech of those building a tower to heaven—not to prevent communication, but to remind us that we cannot reach heaven on our own, nor do earthly endeavors create meaning without God’s presence in those undertakings. It is the language of Christ reaching across walls of religion and background. And it is through Christ that we are able glimpse into heaven and know God is with us—Emmanuel. We do not reach him; he reaches us.

Prayer: Lord, help me remember to speak the universal language of love in all that I say and do, that your name may be glorified through all the earth. Amen

Today’s devotion was written by Marty Ramey,
Pastor of Advent Lutheran Church in Kings Mountain, NC.

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