January 4, 2014


Joshua 3:14-4:7; Ephesians 5:1-20; John 9:1-12, 35-38

In John 9, Jesus healed a man who had been blind from birth. This was an easy, yet miraculous, thing for Jesus to do as God in the flesh. We may see this event as something only Jesus could do. As we come to know more about Jesus, we realize the profound expression of love that he emphasized throughout his ministry (Matthew 22:34-40). The healing of that blind man in John 9 was an expression of God’s love through Jesus the Christ. In Ephesians 5, we are called to be imitators of God in Christ Jesus—living lives of love.

There are many who can see who, nevertheless, remain blind in many ways today—many who could benefit from experiencing Christ through our loving expressions toward them. In fact, probably most of us who have come to know Christ, have had help getting beyond our blind spots through the patient and loving expressions of other Christians. Think back and reflect upon some of those who touched your life in such loving and faithful ways. Follow their lead and become that significant expression of God’s love in the lives of those whose lives you touch.

Prayer: God of love and grace, guide me to become an expression of your love and healing to those who are struggling in their darkness today. Amen

 Today’s devotion was written by Rev. Robert V. Alle, NALC Pastor.

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