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Your district Youth and Congregational Life committee is beginning to organize our involvement in the 2014 National Youth Event. Dates and location are not yet available but we will update here as info is published.  Your youth group may wish to go to the 2013 national youth event. Find more info here.

In the meanwhile, there are other youth events within our district:

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Who and Whose are You?
Senior High Youth Retreat
March 22-23, 2013
Camp Kinard, Leesville, SC

Call Melanie Corn at St. Peter Lutheran Church, (803) 345-9309, for more information. Registration form

Summer Youth Retreat
Union Lutheran Church, Salisbury, NC
July 9-11, 2013

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5 Responses to Youth Events

  1. Karen Stewart says:

    Hi! I am a youth leader looking for opportunities for our children to meet other believers. I am interested in any local youth gatherings. Please feel free to email me or add me to any lists that may inform me of such events. Thank you in advance!

    Karen Stewart

  2. Mark says:


    What area are you in?

    Mark Ryman

    • Karen Stewart says:

      We are in Newton.

      • Karen..
        We are trying to get youth involved at Grace. As with many congregations, the kids are opting for contemporary worship at mega churches “where all their friends go” or they have dropped out all together. We are beginning a Contemporary Worship at Grace on 2-13-14 to draw the youth Please feel welcome to come.

  3. Mark says:

    I have alerted pastors in your area, Karen. Look for their responses here.

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