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Pope Leo X had promised an indulgence to all who ascended Pilate’s staircase¬†on their knees.¬†These were the steps said to have been descended by our Savior upon leaving Pilate’s judgment hall. (How the steps were conveyed from Jerusalem to Rome is another matter.) The young Luther was on business in Rome and began to climb the steps on his knees, praying at each step, when suddenly a voice seemed to thunder at him: “The just shall live by faith.” Luther sprang to his feet and ran down the steps in shame and horror. Romans 1:17 never lost its power upon his soul.

To make the above graphic your desktop background, left-click the image. When the image loads, right-click and save it to your desktop (or another location you will remember). Go to your desktop and right-click the thumbnail and “Set as Desktop Background.”

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